Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chatby- Monte Carlo building

This is where I lived all my life. The building at the corner is the Monte Carlo building ( named after a bar/night club that occupied the base- one of only three night clubs in all Alex in the 60s and 70s ). Chatby is a middle class district. I like it. It has great schools ( St Mark, EBS, EGC, Mere de Deau) it is a walking distance to all the colleges. it has unique places like the Alex University administration, The Goverate club, The Ette7ad soccer club and the biggest OBGYN hospital in Alex. It is close to the beach, close to all means of public transporation and it is a clean district.

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Emilio Cesaro said...

Thanks for the photos. My grandfather Giuseppe Cesaro owned the Monte Carlo nightclub in the early 1940s.