Sunday, September 2, 2007

Usual scene

Everytime it was my first date she asks me to go to the beach. There is a special secret relation between women and the see. There is some sort of spiritual connection. Maybe the scene of the sea gives a secure feeling that all the wishes will come true one day.

Railways control room

One mistake done here means dealth of hundreds

Faculty of Engineering

Amazing building

The begining of street #45 from the corniche

That long street crosses from the corniche to the Ras el Souda.

Somewhere near the Castle

Unkown location in alexandria

Rural house near Alexandria

Mansheya enterance from the corniche side

The entrance road to Khalid ebn El Walid avenue

This small narrow road in the main enterance to Khlid Ebn el Walid ave.
before they make the corniche two ways that small road was the only way to go to Montazah and Mamoura. It was really pain in the neck

Well done my lady

An example of a middle class dinning room and table. So stimulating, really yummy. If that big dorwn bird on the left is a stuffed pigeons then I really want it. I didn't eat it literally in years. last time my mom made it for me daily in the week I went to alex. in 2002 fall. We do not have pigeons in america nor people here accept the idea of eating it. Shen I mention it people look at me like a monster. They ask me " Do you eat dove in Egypt?". so funny. We have though a smaller version called quills. It comes imported from Canada. I missed the bashamil too. You can't find the Arabic delicious food anywhere outside the Arab Countries

ontazah main avenue

I have never seen a big flower gardens like the Montazah. It has been really taken care of all the times. I remember when we were in elemetary and preparatory schools we used to go for a casual one day trip to Montazah. It is been always perfectly clean and maintained along the years.

Fishing ships manufacturing at Anfooshi

Licorice juice street vendor

The licorice juice vendor has always have this peculiar appearance. One one else shares him those equipments. I never enjoyed that juice. Every 10 years I try it once to decide again not to drink it for the upcoming 10 years.

When it is there in the basket it is always fresh

Fishing on the shore

A peculiar hobby in Alexandria

Nice scene

Lovers always seek the sea


Ya Razza2 ya Rab

Corniche of Raml Station

Egyptian family cooking in the kitchen

No one so perfect at home like the Egpytian wife

Montazah Gulf

Surfing booth close to Mamoura

Famous building in Raml Station

Famous name in Alexandria

Oh ya... i like it

Natural fruit juices

Abu Kir... The forgotten landmark

The only two pictures I could have. I know Abu Kir has a lot of bettwer scenes. I dont know why Abu Kir lost the attraction. You can not enjoy a quality seafood on the beach like in Abu Kir. The wonderful thing I found the last time I was there in 2002 that you have built-in bathrooms allover the beach so you can wash you hands after eating, take a shower or more.

Isn't it like Italy?

Somewhere between

Abou Kir train line. That must be somewhere between sidi Gaber and Montazah train stations.

Zahra2 Beach - Agami

The Flower O'clock

Abd El Monem Reyad Square

Ya girls. Tell the sea all your stories

Here is it in July and August

Unkown location

Palestine Hotel

The Montazah gulf is one of the best places for water sports

In between Montazah and Mamoura

Those two pictures show a small private beach at the west end of Mamoura. It is separated from the main Mamoura beach by a partition. It has new number of Cabins that belong to those guys; the elite.

Heading out of the Montaza Gardens

Lobby of Metropol Hotel

Chatby at night

sitting on the sand at night is a so so different feeling. You got to try it so you can tell.

El Nozha somewhere! maybe!

Stanley. Nice panorama

Ibrahim Mosque square in Raml station

amazing view. I guess the scene was taken from the top of Thomas Cook building.

Small Mansheya

Between Faransa street and El Nasr street