Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cecil Hotel, now Soeftel

Last time I was in Alexandria it was on 2002. I just went for one week and it was on late September after the college and the school started. I got a very strong impulse at 11 pm on a Thursday to go the a night club. Me and my family were eight adult and my nephew 17 years old college student. I kept calling all the places that I used to know and the answers were so disappointing " we dont have a night club. Sheraton, Palestine, Ramada, Plaza until I finally receive a good response from Cecil. I confirmed that there is a belly dancers and singers. We went there. I told the front disk that I have an underage and I want to tuck him illegally with us. The answer came " No problem ya Pasha". It was a wonderful night. I listened to all the old songs I wished to listen to from a ridiculous singer. The belly dance was a real story. SO PRETTY AND SEXY. Her name is Bedoor. She was very sociable, she kept us excited all night long until 5 am. She deserve the $200 thown on her. Well, the dollar anywhere makes everybody wakes up. The dinner was great. The whole night cost us just one $100 ( God bless America) That was one night in that place that I will never forget.

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